Karthika in Sleeveless (5 glamor fotos)

Click on the images to view the huuuuggggeee size(1000 x2000) of Karthika Menon, daughter of Actor Radha. Karthika  became popular when in her first tamil movie KO. Karthika's first film is Josh(telugu), Karthika's second film is Makaramanju(malayalam)
Here are the HD wallpapers of Karthika.

Karthika Shining in Red Sleeveless

Youngest Indian actress Karthika menon in a sleeveless red banian shirt
An SMS from Anushka Bhattacharya
A Wife's prayer:
Give me WISDOM to understand my husband
LOVE to forgive him
PATIENCE with his moods
Don't give me STRENGTH
i'll kill that Bastard!!

Karthika in a violet banian shirt
Karthika Menon, the south indian actress in latest tops

An SMS from Anushka Bhattacharya
Husband: I am Going Out For Five Days...!
Wife: Ok But Don't Surprise Me By Coming Back Early, OtherWise U'll Be Surprised.
. .

Karthika Menon in a beautiful red  saree
Tamil Telugu Actress Karthika in an exclusive red saree

An SMS from Anushka Bhattacharya
Banta falls in luv wit a nurse..
After much thinking, he finally writes a luv letter 2 her:


Karthika Menon, the south indian starin white tops
Cute  stills of South indian actress Karthika Menon in a pure white background

An SMS from Anushka Bhattacharya
Man: My wife is too good,She can  talk on any subject for hours.
Friend: Ahh !! My wife is better,She doesn’t even need a subject to talk about

South indian(tamil,telugu,malayalam) actress ko famous karthika radha menon in a beautiful pink sleeveless chudi

Karthika Menon  in sleeveless silver color tops a latest design
Photo stills of Karthika Nair Daughter of Tamil Actress Radha

An SMS from Anushka Bhattacharya
A newly married girl got first class in her B.Ed exams.
Her husband sent telegram to her parents -
Ruby  First Class in Bed!